The Truth

Be honest, look at the rings below and see if you can tell which is a diamond and which is not...

engagement ring comparaison crystal diamond stone gemstone finger nails wedding love

Lets try again, look at these enhanced images of just the stones... can you tell which one is the diamond? 

cushion princess emerald cut diamond crystal round stone gemstone engagement ring

Unless you're a gemologist (or trained to study gemstones) don't be so hard on yourself... it's nearly impossible to see impurities, color grades, and differences in diamonds compared to some of the world's highest grade gemstones and diamond simulates. So when your friends ask to see "it" don't think for a second they have any idea the quality (or price) of the ring they're gawking over.

Diamonds are beautiful but often come at a great expense, often times requiring financing and/or insurance. So, if you're in the market for a beautifully elegant ring that looks, feels, and seems like diamond without the costly price tag, we've got you covered.

Our exclusive Diamonelle® Gemstone embodies qualities of a diamond at fraction of the cost. Now you can take your ring to the gym, go on vacation without worrying, and even collect multiple different styles for different occasions!

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