Our (love) Story

The year was 1953, it was a beautiful summer day when a gentleman named Francis met a shy fair-skinned English woman, Arabelle Lynn Rose. I'll spare you the details but shortly after the two met they fell in love and Francis asked Arabelle for her hand in marriage.

Francis wasn't a wealthy man, he couldn't afford an expensive diamond nor did he have a family heirloom to pass along. Francis spent the money he had on a silver ring with a solitaire crystal. He proposed, she said yes. Francis promised Arabelle he would replace the crystal with a diamond as soon as he could. Arabelle refused. Rather, she smiled and insisted the ring he picked was perfect, expressing true love has no value.

Arabelle and Francis got married in 1955. Following their matrimony, the newlyweds started a small jewelry company together in an effort to help others find a perfect engagement ring, within their means.

Over 60 years strong, our family business has been passed down from generation to generation. First from Arabelle to her daughter, Cheryl, and again from Cheryl onto me... hello, my name is Penelope, Arabelle's granddaughter.

On behalf of Francis, Arabelle, and the rest of my family, it's our commitment to create elegant pieces of affordable bridal jewelry that lasts a lifetime!

- Penelope

Penelope Monreaux

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